We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Home Buyers Network.

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If you need a quick sale, you need HBN!

There’s no problem, honest, straight up, and very professional. If you need a quick sale, you need HBN. I would definitely recommend to any of my friends.

You did everything what you told me you could do – Another Happy Seller!!!

You did everything that I thought you’d be able to do, what you told me you could do. I would absolutely recommend you to any of my friends.

Another positive experience from Columbia, SC Seller – Closing was handled professionally!

Everything went very well, experience was very positive, closing was handled professionally, and communication was very good. I would recommend before anyone else, basically the way it ended.

Bill talks about Great Experience with Home Buyers Network

It was a great experience, did everything on time, extremely efficient, no issues, very well done, and highly recommended.

Gene speaks with another Satisfied Seller…

Everything was good experience, and things were clear.  I would recommend to other people.

Easy to work with and great people, look forward to work more with you guys !

Mark Porter

Super smooth transaction. Great communication throughout the process.

Keith Fell

Brittany & Gene were a pleasure to work with!

Ethan F. Summers

Amazing Company to work with, Have worked with several times and loved every transaction. Love HBN.

Brett Snodgrass

The communication with HBN has been a pleasure. They’re very responsive, honest, and always going above and beyond to please everyone. Would HIGHLY recommend!

Stinson Bland

The folks at Home Buyers Network are excellent to work with. Very reliable, and put a lot of focus on the customer to solve problems. You should feel very comfortable working with these folks.

Mike Hambright

These guys are the real deal. Gene and Brandon are such genuinely two of the most giving people I have ever met. If you are looking to sell for cash, close quickly and with worry free, definitely give Home Buyer Network a call!

Jesse Vasquez

Brandon and the entire HBN team are true professionals. I’m working with them right now to sell my house and I couldn’t be happier with their process. They are super responsive and easy to work with.

Ted Snyder

Brandon and Gene are truly top notch guys. They’re devoted to make Home Buyers Network the best it can be and putting their customers and employees first. Without customers and employees you don’t have a business.

Brad Woodall

Brandon is a true pro! If you have questions about the house or need some advice he’s always available, to help.
So much miss information in today’s world, Brandon and his team are a breath of fresh air to work with!!

James Wachob

HBN is a company that I recommend. The level of service they provide is amazing along with the compassion they have for their clients is top notch. Its hard to find that in todays real estate industry.

Adrien Dnez

Everyone was very pleasant to work with. I NEVER felt that I was being taken advantage. I would highly recommend HBN to my friends & family.

Diane Palmer

I would highly recommend HBN! Communication is on point! Responsive and closes quickly!

Jamie Burleson Wooley

Great company with good people i would recommend to all my friends and family!

Richard Gonzalez

They are diligent with their work and Brittany is very consistent with everything she does. She makes sure that all documents, deadlines, and funds are correctly accounted for and delivered. Thank you for your astounding business.

Dakari Townes

Of the several hedge fund sources I worked with over the years , this one actually closes properties . Hands on team great to work with . Very responsive. Brittany is the best precloser I’ve ever worked with .

Demetrius Mathis

We would like to let you know all the people we dealt with in selling our house were very friendly, easy to work with, professional, and fair. We would highly recommend this company to anyone selling their property. Thank you!

Henry & Mary Golden

I enjoy working with Brittany, she is very persistent and dedicated to getting the job done!

Quan Brinson - Augusta, GA

I recently sold a home I owned for a long time to Jeremiah with Home Buyers Network. I was happy with the price offered to me. They worked diligently with me to close in a timely manner even though there were some things slowing us down in the process. I would recommend Jeremiah to other folks in Augusta that want to sell their rental property.

Patricia Scott - Augusta, GA

This is in response to the service provided by Jeremiah Griffin from Home Buyers Network. I am a property manager and in the last two months, the owners of two rentals have used Home Buyers Network in connection with selling. Our experience with Mr. Griffin has shown him to be forthcoming, honest, and pleasant. There are some minor “hiccups” during the selling process but they were resolved within 24 hours. to the owners complete satisfaction. I personally have found him to be highly professional and trustworthy. We will surely be contacting him about more houses in the future.

Barbara Johann - Augusta, GA

Richard meets with Jim to talk about how HBN helped him by buying his property.

Meet Ann of Columbia, SC who is very happy with Richard from HBN Columbia!

Ann - Columbia, SC

Richard meets with a new satisfied client in Columbia, SC.

James - Columbia, SC

“Everyone was very pleasant to work with. I NEVER felt that I was being taken advantage. I would highly recommend HBN to my friends & family.”

Diane P. of Birmingham, AL

“Home Buyers Network has been a great experience for me. The staff is very communicative and considerate with regards to your wishes and needs. If you need quick results they are the go-to pros. I really enjoy working with Brandon Barnes and Richard Cummings. You guys are the BEST!!!”



Adriel L. of Columbia, SC